The company Siemens Healthineers can look back on a long and successful history whose origins lie in the mid-19th century. Over the course of nearly 230 pages, the book chronicles the fascinating history of the medical technology division of Siemens. Concise texts divided into 10 clearly laid out chapters take readers on a journey through time, bringing the past to life with the help of a wealth of impressive images from the collection of Siemens Healthineers Historical Institute.

Published in German and English by August Dreesbach Verlag in Munich, the book is now available to order online and at all good bookstores.
The History of Siemens Healthineers ISBN: 978-3-96395-030-8
Die Geschichte von Siemens Healthineers ISBN: 978-3-96395-029-2

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The history of Siemens Healthineers