Quiz on X-rays

Test your knowledge and discover surprising – and sometimes peculiar – facts about the history of X-ray technology!

film camera

From 1957 onwards, Siemens marketed specialized movie cameras that allowed professional movie production within the operating room.

polytron imaging system

The Polytron image-processing system of 1987 incorporated a special software component that made it easier for physicians to guide the catheter through the blood vessels. What technology was this based on?

female patient in first ever ct

Which industry do we have to thank for the development of the first CT scanner?

medical image of brain blood vessels

Every second, millions of tiny electrical signals pass through our nerve fibers. As they travel to and from the brain, these nerve impulses can reach the speed of …

old xray machine with lighning

In the early days of X-ray technology, an examination was always accompanied by an impressive fireworks display.