X-ray tube

125 years since the discovery of X-rays

It’s now 125 years since Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen first discovered X-rays and changed the world as we know it. We have been there from the very beginning and continue to shape the development of X-ray technology through our numerous innovations. Today, over 240,000 patients across the globe come into contact with our products every hour.

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Illustration of the Teleview system, 1922

In 1963, a general practitioner from New York starts a huge logistical adventure surrounded by ice-cream trucks and sandwich vendors – and thus making the radiologist “a potential savior of women”. Explore how Philip Strax influenced the history of mammography.

Prototyp first CT Scanner

Phenomenal tea? X-ray images of the breast are often difficult to interpret. Which phenomenon can help with their interpretation?

Multix Impact Hand

Would you like to know more about the current applications of X-ray technology? We shed light on unusual procedures, the latest research projects, and future developments in a monthly series.

Timeline x-rays Siemens Healthineers

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