Say cheese!New photo spot at the MedMuseum

medmuseum photo spot

“Welcome to the doctor’s office of the 1950s!” This is the slogan for the MedMuseum’s new photo spot, where visitors can photograph each other standing in an original Helioskop 2 X-ray machine from the 1950s using their own smartphone or camera – a fun memento of their visit to the MedMuseum

The 1950s were a special time: rock and roll blasted out from jukeboxes, VW Beetles roamed the streets, and Hawaii toast brought a touch of the exotic to our tables. Back then, the challenges faced by doctors’ offices and clinics were much the same as they are today: limited space, staff shortages, and the need for multifunctionality in X-ray devices. And this is where the Siemens Helioskop 2 X-ray unit proved to be a winner: It was versatile, easy to operate, small, and robust. Its compact design meant it could fit into even the smallest consulting rooms, and the device could be operated by a sole physician with no need for additional personnel. What is more, it combined two functions into one: besides fluoroscopy of the heart and lungs, it could also be used to produce traditional X-ray images.

The Helioskop 2 is an historical exhibit that visitors can touch and even stand inside – a rarity in museums. Take this unique opportunity to picture yourself in medical history.